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Brazil Now What 3

This video is representative of how things are going – a bit of a jerky ride – but I have met the right people!

11 total foreigners like me.
1 teaching English (business English)
5 business consulting
1 marketing consulting remotely
1 Italian making suits
1 visa consultant
1 investment adviser
1 architect

5 / 11 are American. Notice that they all have work and only one is teaching English… So I’m saying there’s a chance!!

Blank Slate Networking

A sociologist could probably study the path that I have taken to find the right people starting knowing precisely nobody one week ago.

As it turns out I am learning that I made my best decision when I was exhausted and hangry 20 minutes after arriving. I went to The Blue Pub for dinner. I then returned to The Blue Pub two days later and met an English guy who is a member of The American Society of São Paulo. From there and through EAESP Business School I have now met a recruiter and a professor in the MBA Program that I would love to attend. I have also met a visa consultant, whose services I will be hiring.

Two Separate Paths to One Connection

I met Ricardo, the MBA recruiter, two separate ways almost literally simultaneously. I had walked into the MBA program and passed my name and contact information around, which worked its way to Ricardo via a LinkedIn message. He received that message with my name as he was walking into the American Society of São Paulo group, where I was already hanging out. We shook hands and he showed me the message he had just received, saying “Oh, you’re this guy!” Must be fate!

Brazil Now What Introduction

This video on YouTube.

English translation below.

Oi. Sou Nathan.

Eu gosto de viajar para o Brasil. Já fui 5 vezes.

Amo o povo brasileiro.

Era da Marinha, e eu amava fazer missão.

Falo português.

Quero viver e trabalhar nesse país bonito.

Agora o que?

Esse site é para responder estrangeiros que tenham interesse no Brasil.

English translation:

Hi, I’m Nate.

I like going to Brazil. I have been to Brazil five times.

I love the Brazilian people.

I was in the military and I loved deploying.

I speak Portuguese.

I want to move to Brazil and find work there.

Now what?

This site is here to answer that question for myself and for anybody interested in Brazil.

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What to Watch 24: Energy of an Industrialized Society – How Many Joules 3

How Many Joules?

  • 2,000 food Calories = 8.4 million joules = approximate energy usage of the human body in one day
  • One Tesla Model S battery charge ~ 36x this amount
  • One 2017 Honda Civic gas tank ~ 177x this amount
  • Typical furnace (100,000 BTU / hr rating) operating for 1 hour ~ 12x this amount
  • US energy usage per day (referenced in my post here) ~ 33.5 billion x this amount, or ~ 102x the US population*
  • Global energy usage per day (referenced in my post here) ~ 129 billion x this amount, or ~ 17x the global population*

*Relating the energy consumption of the modern world per person to the energy consumption of just the human body by itself is ambiguous, I realize. However, it puts in context the massive numbers that are constantly thrown around in the media on this subject, and consolidates the hype and various units into one unit.


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What to Watch 23: The Tesla “Gigafactory” – How Many Joules 2

Tesla’s Introduction Speech to the Gigafactory in Nevada, Elon Musk, 4 September 2014

How Many Joules?

  • Tesla Model S with large battery pack, 265 mile range = 306 million joules
  • 2017 Honda Civic 12.4 gallon gas tank,  (2017 best selling car in US) = 1,490 million joules
  • Energy from 1 barrel of oil (BOE unit) = 5.86 billion joules
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What to Watch 22: The Lithium-Ion Battery – How Many Joules 1

Intro to 18650 Li-ion Cells, by LDSreliance

How Many Joules?

  • 1 Food Calorie (the one on nutrition labels) = 4,180 joules
    • Note: 1 food Calorie defined as amount of energy to raise the temperature of 1Kg of water 1°C at sea level
  • Typical smartphone battery charge: 41,760 joules
  • One 18650 Li-ion cell: 43,074 joules
  • 1 kBTU = 1.06 million joules
    • Note: 1 BTU is defined as the energy required to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water 1°F. 1 kBTU = 1,000 BTU.
    • The rating system on appliances that we are familiar with that is shortened to “BTU” is actually BTU or kBTU per hour.
  • 1 Kilowatt-hour = 3.6 million joules
  • 2,000 food Calories = 8.4 million joules
  • 1 gallon of gas equivalent = 120 million joules
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