Friends’ Websites

Lucas Ruffing Law

Noor’s Digital Repair Solutions

Tristaun and Devaunt LeClaire’s Simple Kneads gluten free bread!

Scott Gordon’s Law Offices


Keith and Marsha Wilson Xingu Mission

Uncle John’s Prelude 80

Ahmed Fasih’s blog, which redirects here.

Ahmed’s uncertainty calibration quiz.

Ahmed’s texshade python code.

Ahmed’s weather app, which is described here.

Ahmed’s Front end development tutorial here.

Ahmed’s Japanese language apps are ‘Ebisu’ and ‘Curtiz.’

Mr. Carpenter’s solar house in Delaware Ohio

Matt DeNoble’s Daniel Matthew Films

Eddie Moore’s Moore Consulting, LLC

Augusto Moreno’s Constructora Poliobras

Augusto Moreno’s CEICMO

Mitch Kusterer’s Raptor Industrial Solutions

Kent Irwin’s Financial Planning Company

Saba Safiari’s SaBSaF Corporation

Bryan Sarg’s  “Fight Gravity by Moto” travel blog

Jamie Fitch’s clinical education platform

Kevin Hunter’s Million Dollar Marine

Graeme’s Daughter’s Book Box Club

Travis DeMeester’s friend Rob Morris’ site, The More Freedom Foundation

Travis DeMeester’s website

Chris Williams’ Qube Waste Solutions

Todd Gordon’s Art Gallery Site

Whiskey Lee’s site

My Other Ventures

São Paulo / Brasil

Professor Jorge Carneiro

Murat Bicak’s AI Consulting and Rapid Digital Ventures

Arnaud Bleuez, BPC Partners

Old Abandoned Sites

(Dec 2015 broken link) Rob Debeneadto’s stock market investments

(Dec 2015 broken link) Travis DeMeester’s Trek Venture

(Apr 2018 broken link) AJ Dulik’s Harvard Business School Experience

(Apr 2018 broken link) Jody and Jason Totin’s Totin Builders

Travis and Marcus’ Paveway

Jigisha Patel’s Magic iPhone Cases … ?

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