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  1. Nathan,

    Love all your work man. Most of the time I just check it out to see what you’re up too. Let me know when you plan on visiting the Philippines, I’ll be your tour guide.

  2. There’s only a problem on TV. Put your mind in the real world. Problem solved.

  3. Where’s the world map for around the world in Columbus? I’d like to see a world map with all the places you have featured being a pin. Also a printable checklist of countries matched up with the restaurants would be nice. I’d like to actually go around the world in Columbus and check off as I travel to each country. Do you have hats or apparel I can wear to these reataurants, whom I assume know they’re featured, so they know I’m looking to hear their story and get a little deeper into their culture?

    1. Thank you for the input and comment. I checked out your link and it looks like an informative article for potential home buyers. I didn’t add it to my useful links page because I reserve that for reference pages that are used often for convenience, but I will recommend your article here (see link above). -Nate

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