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  1. Nathan,

    Love all your work man. Most of the time I just check it out to see what you’re up too. Let me know when you plan on visiting the Philippines, I’ll be your tour guide.

  2. Where’s the world map for around the world in Columbus? I’d like to see a world map with all the places you have featured being a pin. Also a printable checklist of countries matched up with the restaurants would be nice. I’d like to actually go around the world in Columbus and check off as I travel to each country. Do you have hats or apparel I can wear to these reataurants, whom I assume know they’re featured, so they know I’m looking to hear their story and get a little deeper into their culture?

    1. Thank you for the input and comment. I checked out your link and it looks like an informative article for potential home buyers. I didn’t add it to my useful links page because I reserve that for reference pages that are used often for convenience, but I will recommend your article here (see link above). -Nate

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