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I love music, and I am an aspiring amateur musician.

What to Watch 20: Apocalypse Soundtrack – Apocalypse 3

Johnny Cash – The Man Comes Around

R.E.M. – It’s the End of the World as we Know It

Paulinho Moska – O Último Dia (The Last Day)

The song is in Portuguese, but the pictures tell the story.

My love, if you were given just one more day, what would you do? Would you…?

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Rio 2017 Made by Hand

Full Length, 48 Minutes

Watch this video on YouTube

By Artist

1. Intro

2. Marcos Ariel, Jazz Pianist and Carioca

  • Ernesto Nazareth – Odeon
  • Interview with Marcos
  • Thelonius Monk – Blue Monk
  • Marcos Ariel – Rhapsody in Rio
Marcos Ariel’s Facebook page with upcoming shows

3. Lucas Freitas, 18-Year-Old Pianist with Tomás Improta

See more of Lucas’ work at his page on this site.

4. Gilmar, Eliseu, Cavari, Claudimar, Street Jugglers with their Favorite Music by Projota – Muleque de Vila

5. Luzia Lima, Pianist in Santa Teresa

6. Mike Ryan’s Triboz, The Massa Trio Plays Triboz with Photos

Triboz Rio Website
Mike Ryan’s Rio Art Orquestra Facebook Page

7. Glauco Brasil, Leather Maps, and they invite you to stay with them in Cabo Frio!

8. Closing

More Brazilian music, there is a radio show based in Chicago, Connect Brazil, click here.

Sir Lucas Freitas, Página de Fã

Sir Lucas Freitas on the Web

On YouTube

On Instagram

18-Year-Old Pianist from Rio de Janeiro Plays with Tomás Improta

Lucas plays with Rafa Pinta, Signo de Terra, September 2020

Lucas plays with Brenda Luce and João Perrusi, 12 August 2020

See Lucas (and another self-taught pianist from Rio, also named Lucas) featured on Brazil’s news, “Globo,” 12 April 2018

Lucas plays with singer Jade Baraldo – A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes on Spotify, released April 2018

See Rio 2017, Made by Hand on this site.

English Lesson 4

Quadcopters and Sia, Advanced Difficulty

This is a fun video. Even better, you can turn on subtitles and see what he is saying. Even better, you can print the transcript and read along what he is saying!


TED Talks are a great source of English language.

This is a popular song with good lyrics! There is one error in the video. She says “Come on. Come on.” She does not say, “Come one. Come One.” “Come one” doesn’t make sense.