Brazil Now What 3

This video is representative of how things are going – a bit of a jerky ride – but I have met the right people!

11 total foreigners like me.
1 teaching English (business English)
5 business consulting
1 marketing consulting remotely
1 Italian making suits
1 visa consultant
1 investment adviser
1 architect

5 / 11 are American. Notice that they all have work and only one is teaching English… So I’m saying there’s a chance!!

Blank Slate Networking

A sociologist could probably study the path that I have taken to find the right people starting knowing precisely nobody one week ago.

As it turns out I am learning that I made my best decision when I was exhausted and hangry 20 minutes after arriving. I went to The Blue Pub for dinner. I then returned to The Blue Pub two days later and met an English guy who is a member of The American Society of São Paulo. From there and through EAESP Business School I have now met a recruiter and a professor in the MBA Program that I would love to attend. I have also met a visa consultant, whose services I will be hiring.

Two Separate Paths to One Connection

I met Ricardo, the MBA recruiter, two separate ways almost literally simultaneously. I had walked into the MBA program and passed my name and contact information around, which worked its way to Ricardo via a LinkedIn message. He received that message with my name as he was walking into the American Society of São Paulo group, where I was already hanging out. We shook hands and he showed me the message he had just received, saying “Oh, you’re this guy!” Must be fate!