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Brazil Now What 10: Sailing

I have always been interested in sailing but I consider myself a land lover. I thought sailing would remain a dream unfulfilled, but now with the world freaked out by a virus, the ocean is calling.


Sailing Holidays, UK

World Sailing, governing body of sport sailing, UK

PR Sailing, Netherlands

Brussels International Sailing Club

Dr. Sails, Barcelona

The Moorings Yacht Charters, Clearwater

Dream Yacht Charter, Surbiton, Surrey

Sunsail Yacht Charter

Nautal, Barcelona

YachtCharterFleet, London

ClickandBoat, Boulogne-Billancourt

Sailing Enjoy South America, Buenos Aires

2020 Calendar of Events, Sports, Etcetera

2020 sports schedule that is mostly not happening!


13: BCS National Championship Game


1-2: Tennis Australian Open Finals, men’s final starts ~0030 EST Sunday morning (Sunday evening in Melbourne)

2: Super Bowl LIV, Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens Florida


15: March Madness selection Sunday


6: March Madness Championship Game

9-12: Golf Masters


14-17: Golf PGA Championship, TPC Harding Park, San Francisco


6-7: Tennis French Open Finals, men’s final starts ~0900 EDT Sunday morning (Sunday afternoon in Paris)

18-21: Golf US Open, Winged Foot Golf Club, Mamaroneck, NY


11-12: Tennis Wimbledon Finals, men’s final starts ~0900 EDT Sunday morning (Sunday afternoon in London)

27 June – 19 July: Tour de France

16-19: Golf British Open

24 July – 9 Aug: Summer Olympics, Tokyo


1-5 August: SCRABBLE NASPA North American SCRABBLE Championship, Radisson Hotel Downtown Baltimore

9-20 August: Chess Magnus Carlsen Tour Final. Organized by Magnus Carlsen, advertised by FIDE, online at Chess24


12-13: Tennis US Open Finals, USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, in New York


Late Oct: Baseball World Series




14: Total solar eclipse visible in Chile and Argentina

There are no total lunar eclipses in 2020.

2022: Winter Olympics in Beijing, 4 – 20 Feb 2022

2022: Soccer World Cup in Qatar, 21 Nov – 18 Dec 2022

2023: Women’s Soccer World Cup, location TBD.

2023: Rugby Union World Cup, France 8 Sep – 21 Oct.

Cincinnati to Columbus Ohio on the Ohio to Erie Trail

The Ohio to Erie Trail website is here, click for a great interactive map.

Thanks to Aaron for accompanying me on the journey!

Cleveland coming soon, hoping for a warm November to get to a Browns game!


Click here for a summary of my first bike trip to Cincinnati.

Our Favorite Ski Locations

Holiday Valley snow report

Ski Resorts

  • Snowmass: 3,362 acres, 4,406ft vertical.
  • Vail: 5,289 acres, 3,450ft vertical.
  • Breckenridge: 2,908 acres, 3,398ft vertical.
  • Beaver Creek: 1,815 acres, 3,340ft vertical.
  • Keystone: 3,148 acres, 3,128ft vertical.
  • Stowe: 485 acres, 2,360ft vertical.
  • Snowshoe: 244 acres, 1,500ft vertical. Very difficult drive Greg says.
  • Holiday Valley: 290 acres 750ft vertical.
  • Seven Springs: 285 acres, 750ft vertical.
  • Wisp Mountain: 132 acres, 700ft vertical. Greg and Pat have been. It is an easy drive from the interstate.
  • Peak n Peak: 130 acres, 400ft vertical. Ed, Greg, and Thad have been. Good?
  • Perfect North: 100 acres, 400ft vertical. Rachel’s suggestion. 45 minutes west of Cincinnati.

Check out OnTheSnow snow report app. Pat uses it for snow storm alerts.

Click here for skiing tips from expert.

Expert Downhill Skiing in 5 Days

Rule #1: maximize time on skis, so get in shape. Every time down the hill you learn something!


  • Watch a skiing YouTube video.
  • Go down the hill without hurting yourself.


  • Keep skis together (easier said than done) and put weight on the downhill / outside ski.
  • Should be able to lift inside ski off the snow. Rotate hips, tighten core.


  • Rotate around the inside pole, not the outside! Use it to lift weight and shift.
  • Mogul drills: point out each mogul with pole and negotiate them half-speed.


  • Don’t land on top of moguls to control speed. Moguls are a horizontal obstacle. Center of gravity goes over mogul, skis go around.
  • Weight transfer up and down to shift skis side to side. Center of gravity travels in a straight line.


  • Get off your heels. Press toes of foot on the outside ski. Ski on the ball of outside foot.
  • Inside ski with no weight goes forward of outside ski. Do this by pushing inside knee forward with hip flexor.

Week 2

  • “Walk” down the hill with poles. Keep “3 points of contact.”

Expert Source:

We took a family ski vacation to Stowe, Vermont last week. Stowe was awesome and the vacation was perfect. The snow came just in time.

I hadn’t skied since 1995, so I started from scratch and took notes. It was a blast and I’m hooked. Next time I go I want to pick up where I left off, so here is what I learned: