Book Club Notes – Patriots by James Wesley, Rawles

James Wesley, Rawles
  • Blogger and journalist.
  • Supports “citizen journalism,” which I would like to learn more about.
  • In his words:
  • Notice his list of memberships. Good list to consider.
Book Notes
  • A previous title for the novel was The Gray Nineties
  • The series has a Wikipedia article.
  • I’m not very far in to the book still.
  • So far, my initial impression is it’s better-written than Unintended Consequences. (Actually I don’t think the author would want to be compared to that book).
  • Voting people in or out isn’t just about utility, it’s about morale.
  • If I were Matt and Chase, I would have left the country and the hemisphere. I would find a way to publicize my side of the story from a distance. Public opinion matters. Why is media always excluded from the plan? You’re already famous can’t go back from that.
  • “That winter, they ate the golden retrievers” dogs and dog breeds survive based on what people need. The idea that even a wolf is free or independent of humans is only relative to our dependence on humans. Every animal on Earth now survives at the behest of humans, it just doesn’t appear so direct.
On Prepping in General
  • 99% of world’s resources are controlled by humans
  • Retiring is the closest people typically actually come to this scenario because the most difficult thing about surviving long-term IMO would be adjusting to caring about different things. Complete routine adjustment. Completely different source of self-worth.