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Day 2, Cedarville to Mason

This is my first post on the road. It’s actually pretty easy to do from my phone. I’m here with Kevin Furay at his lovely townhome and we are both being antisocial on the internet.

This morning, I woke up, broke camp, and started riding southwest from Cedarville.

The path is straight and flat just like the railroad it replaced. The coolest part today was the construction on the new I-71 bridge over the Little Miami River. There was drainage water falling from the road like rain on the path from 100 feet above. I also saw a large buck on the path, but he disappeared into a field before I rode close.

A new bridge is being built while traffic continues to use the old bridge.

Day 1, Columbus to Cedarville

I’m on the road again, this time touring southwest Ohio on the bike path from Columbus to Cincinnati. I got a late start, rode the COTA bus from home to Grove City in order to pick up the bike path in Galloway. I stopped in Galloway for dinner before really even riding and didn’t hit the trail until after dark.

From 2000-2345 Tuesday night, I rode from Galloway to just short of Cedarville.

When I started out, I was worried that I would have some trouble on an unfamiliar trail at night, but with a warm tailwind and enough of a moon for light, it was my new favorite ride since returning to Ohio. Of note, toward the end of the ride, I ran over an animal about the size of a possum. It ran right in front of me in the dark. I could hardly see it and it scurried off into the grass quickly afterward.

The path is as straight and flat as can be!

Quiz Week

Truck 1292 miles – Bike 1185 miles

Answer to last week’s question: Eddie Rickenbacker was a civilian in 1942, but he was sent to review operations and living conditions in the Pacific Theater, as well as to deliver a secret message from President Roosevelt to General MacArthur.

This week’s question, another semi-local one: when the Olentangy River was named in 1833, what was it supposed to be named? Which nearby river was supposed to be called “Olentangy?”

Time Flies

I can’t believe it’s November already.

Saturday night, I had my best bike ride since returning home. I rode to Tequila Cowboy on Polaris to meet my brother for Halloween. I was dressed as a commuter cyclist complete with blinking red light. It started to rain on the way there and by the time I left, it was coming down pretty hard. I thought it would be cold and miserable, but with the extra layers I had to go slow because I was hot. No cars at all, I was singing in the rain for 10 miles, and soaked by the time I was home. It was awesome.

79 miles on the bike to 59 miles in the truck last week, marking the 4th week in a row that I’ve biked more than driven. The truck is still in the lead, however, 1171-1215. Closing!

Answer to last week’s trivia: the north pole is an ocean that happens to be frozen. The south pole is a continent of land covered with ice. Also, no penguins at the north pole!

This week’s quiz question: World War One ace and Medal of Honor recipient Eddie Rickenbacker was adrift at sea for 24 days during World War Two. He was 52 years old. What was his mission when he went down?

Shout Out to my Cuz!

Shout out to my cousin who is between jobs right now. I talked to her on the phone yesterday and she was struggling with what to do with herself on “day 3 without a job.” Hang in there, Ray, you’ll stay busy! It’s good to have some company here in “retirement.”

This week, I got back into the routine following the wedding. We played poker on Friday and it was awesome, especially since I won $17. All in a night’s work.

I hardly used my bike or truck this past week, but I used my bike more. 49 miles for the bike and 22 for the truck, bringing the total since August to 1092-1156, truck still in the lead, but closing!

Answer to last week’s quiz question: the “UP” is the Upper Peninsula and it borders Wisconsin.

This week’s quiz question: what is the primary physical difference between the earth’s arctic pole and its antarctic pole?

Home from the Bike Trip

After biking to Cleveland and back, my bike miles since returning to Ohio are up to 1043 and that compares to 1134 in the truck. So I’ve closed the gap to under 100 miles, but the truck miles still are in the lead.

Today was a big day. I put a deposit down on a TEFL certification course in Rio de Janeiro for February!

Quiz question of the week: A person from Michigan says he is going to the “UP,” what does he mean? What state does the “UP” border?

Northeast Ohio Bicycle Tour, In Summary

402 total miles on the bicycle for the whole trip.

The gear I packed weighed a total of ~30 pounds. 15 pounds of that was in my backpack on my back and 15 pounds in my bag on my bike rack. The only thing I brought that I wish I hadn’t was a “long john” shirt that I donated to a Goodwill along the way.

This is a picture of all the gear I brought with me. The only thing not included in the picture is the jeans and shirt that I wore around town.

I did not bike the entire way. I used public transportation in some places. Used the bus to travel to the east side of Columbus the first day. Used the bus system for most of my travel around Canton / Massilon. Took the Amtrak from Cleveland to Sandusky, and rode the bus from Delaware to Columbus.

The tow path trail is indeed continuous from Dover to Cleveland. I was impressed.

The only major gaps in dedicated bike trails along the entire distance from Columbus to Cleveland is from Columbus to Centerburg and then between Millersburg and Dover. Otherwise, dedicated bike paths cover the entire distance. Google Maps has them accurately mapped out with green lines.

Of the 200 miles between Columbus and Cleveland, less than 50 are not covered by bike trails. The other 150 miles are on dedicated trails where no cars are allowed!