Shout Out to my Cuz!

Shout out to my cousin who is between jobs right now. I talked to her on the phone yesterday and she was struggling with what to do with herself on “day 3 without a job.” Hang in there, Ray, you’ll stay busy! It’s good to have some company here in “retirement.”

This week, I got back into the routine following the wedding. We played poker on Friday and it was awesome, especially since I won $17. All in a night’s work.

I hardly used my bike or truck this past week, but I used my bike more. 49 miles for the bike and 22 for the truck, bringing the total since August to 1092-1156, truck still in the lead, but closing!

Answer to last week’s quiz question: the “UP” is the Upper Peninsula and it borders Wisconsin.

This week’s quiz question: what is the primary physical difference between the earth’s arctic pole and its antarctic pole?

4 thoughts on “Shout Out to my Cuz!”

    1. Oooohhh. Not what I had in mind, but that’s good. There are no penguins at the north pole.

      Seeing that you wrote this on a Sunday, that probably means that my informative blogs are still not recognized by NMCI.

  1. Thanks for the shout out cuz!! By the way, when I am back (if it is nice out) we should go on a bike ride. I am not up to your level yet, hence it needs to be somewhat nice weather. I would love that!

    1. I will see you in Dayton. There is a path all the way to Columbus from there, so we can just take a ride to your mom’s house for some raisin bread!

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