Day 4, Beavercreek

Friday morning, hit the trail north from Mason to Beavercreek.

I intended this trip to be more leisurely than my first, but some quick addition could have revealed that would not be the case. It has gone to plan so far, and 225 miles in 4 days is not leisurely. I have 3 books to read and don’t have to be back until… I don’t know, Thursday? I’ll take it easy on the way home.

The southwest Ohio trail network is centered in Xenia Station, hence the 0.0 mile marker there. It truly is a great network that connects almost continuously with dedicated bicycle trails from Cincinnati to Cleveland.

I arrived at Ahmed and Emily’s home in Beavercreek on Friday afternoon and enjoyed lunch, Young’s Dairy, and chicken for dinner. I met their two kids, Alistair and Bazile for the first time also.

Ally, Me, Bazile, Ahmed, Emily
Camera was rolling

SW Ohio by Bike November 2015