Ventures Update January 2015

695 Riverview Drive

Summary: 9-unit apartment building near Columbus, Ohio and Ohio State’s  campus that I bought with my brother, Thad. It is managed by Renting Ohio since April 2014.

Recent Updates

  • In October, electrician John Kelly completed all electrical work required for compliance with the aluminum wiring in the building. It was expensive–about $4600–but had to be done and now it can easily and effectively be maintained by hiring electricians qualified to work with aluminum.
  • Switched from a dumpster in the front yard to much more sightly–and less expensive–bins for trash removal.
  • For the months May-December that Renting Ohio has been managing the property, we averaged 13% vacancy. This counts for 2 months of unpaid rent as vacancy. This tenant is being evicted.
  • December 2014 was the first month with no unscheduled maintenance fees.
  • With two new leases signed, we stand to be fully occupied 1 February!

Gluten-Free Bread

2014 09 Shilohs Five Loaves

Shiloh’s Five Loaves is a gluten-free bread company based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Devaunt LeClaire of Kineomen is the business brains behind the operation while his brother is the baker.

  • On schedule to deliver its first loaves of bread to Raleigh-area stores in February!


I became a Kineomen investor in November. Shiloh’s Five Loaves is Kineomen’s only investment project to date. More to follow.

Coconut Wine (Vino de Coco)

Coconut wine based in the Philippines. Click the picture for Vino de Coco's website.
Coconut wine based in the Philippines. Click the picture for Vino de Coco’s website.
  • No update. The company is doing well (I think), but not pushing information to investors. Seeking repayment of loan.