Ventures Update September 2014

695 Riverview Drive

Summary: 9-unit apartment building near Columbus, Ohio and Ohio State’s  campus that I bought with my brother, Thad. It is managed by Renting Ohio since April 2014.

Profitable? Yes. August 2014 was a profitable month and “normal” enough to be repeated and sustained. I populated the spreadsheet that I use to evaluate properties with the numbers from August. Accounting for 11% vacancy, the expected cash flow is $255 / month. Maintenance and improvements have cost a lot, but are starting to taper off. Rent is steadily increasing with the market and with the improving condition of the building.

Riverview Cash Flow Aug 2014
Riverview Cash Flow Spreadsheet

Recent Updates

  • Hired electrician to ensure safety of aluminum wiring. (~$1500)
  • Switched from a dumpster in the front yard to much more sightly–and less expensive–bins for trash removal.
  • Met the owner of 675 Riverview, a neighboring building with the exact same layout. Shared contact info, ideas, and got some tips. In August, he resurfaced his parking lot, painted lines, and it looks great, but costs $7500 to have done.
  • Installed a bike rack with brother’s help. ($150)
  • Touched up the paint on the white trim on the front.
  • Determined that the dilapidated fence is the neighbor’s fence, not ours.
The dumpster was an absolute eyesore and had to go.
The dumpster was an absolute eyesore and had to go.

Gluten-Free Bread

2014 09 Shilohs Five Loaves

Shiloh’s Five Loaves is a gluten-free bread company based in Raleigh, North Carolina. For more information, I can put you in touch with co-founder, Devaunt LeClaire. The investment window is open until 31 October 2014.

Coconut Wine (Vino de Coco)

Coconut wine based in the Philippines. Click the picture for Vino de Coco's website.
Coconut wine based in the Philippines. Click the picture for Vino de Coco’s website.

I lent money to this company in October 2011 with a friend. We have yet to be repaid, but the company is doing well as far as we can tell. They are currently seeking investors. I do not plan on investing further.

Stock Market

I sold all my stocks in December 2013 have been in cash since. After reading How to Make Money in Stocks by William O’Neill of Investor’s Business Daily, I determined that if I were able to make money in stocks, it would always be a gamble and it takes a lot of time just like any other investment. I decided I want to invest in things I am familiar with personally.

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    1. Yes! I just did the average vacancy from May-December (since the first month we had a manager) and came up with 13%. One tenant didn’t pay for 2 months (and got evicted) and I counted that as vacancy. Currently at 7/9 with two leases starting 1 Feb that will put us back at 9/9! How is SquareSpace / WordPress / Million Dollar Marine coming?

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