The Landlord’s Operating Manual Photos

Origin of the Manual

Helicopter Manual

The Building

Various Jobs and the Manual as Notes


The Manual Now

Section A

A2. Property Evaluation Spreadsheet


Section B

B1: The “Money Flow” Decision Chart

B5: By-Unit Spreadheet

Section C

C3: Paint Colors

C3: Paint Patch Straight-On
This is a satin sheen paint patch on a flat sheen-painted wall. Because the color match is so good, you almost cannot see it. This is accurate to real life. From this angle, the patch is nearly imperceptible. Flat sheen paint is truly patch-able.
Same Paint Patch with Glare
This is the same patch from the side with sun glaring off the wall – the worst possible angle. The patches are clearly visible. This is what patches look like with satin sheen.
C3: Painting Don’ts
I care about my wires. Spend the time to paint around them. Look at this! The cover is removed and you find a way to paint the hardware? Painter fired. I did fire him, never hired again.
Do not paint the outlet! Look at the paint inside the outlet receptacle on this one.
Painter fired! Remove the cover!
C3: The Structural Coat of Mud

This is the “structural coat.” Sanding and one more coat of mud will make this “almost perfect,” which is “good enough!”
C3. One Structural Coat, One Finish Coat

One structural coat and one finish coat of mud.
The white is primer paint that will be covered. The drywall patch is barely visible and looks good, but can still be located if looking for it because it is not absolutely perfect.
C3: Noxious Scum
This is not painting, this is cleaning. The lighter color is after wiping. The yellow scum is the result of ~6 years of smoking in a small space.
C4: Carpet and Floor

C4: Carpet not Flooring
This is me removing the flooring from my entire apartment. I do not know why I am smiling, but possibly because I was happy to be getting carpet back!
C5: Tub Shifted After Floor Install
Fail! When I leveled the tub, the tub shifted. I installed the floor out of order.
C6: Dead Bolts
I recommend this dead bolt with two cylinders.
C7: Boxwood Bushes!

Section D

D1: Gate versus Ball Valves
Old gate valves = bad!
Shiny new clean ball valves = good! Your plumber wants to see this on arrival!
D4: Internet Equipment
Internet networking equipment.
5. Wi-Fi hotspot.
D4: Internet Speed = Fast
900 Mbps is probably more than 10x as fast as your internet at home. Bragging rights!
D4: Network Diagram

Section E

E: Hang Towel Near Shower
Move towel to hook, take shower, return towel to rod to dry.
E1: Toilet

E1: Better than Wax

E1: Toilet Flange Hardware

E1: Toilet Siphoning

The weight secures the tube to the bottom to completely empty the water.

E2: Pedestal Sink
The Kohler Elliston pedestal sink in its simple glory.
E2: Flat Space
Usable space! The best pedestal sink ever!
E2: Cabinet Sink Gross
Nice. This almost looks new.
Ew! Gross!
E2: Bathroom Sink Strainer Drain
Strainer drain: look how shiny, beautifully simple, and clog-free!
E2: Vanity
Simple, clean, effective.
E3: Shower Faucet
Simple handle, simple faucet, disabled bath filling handle with overflow protection drain, and strainer drain. Should be universal and standard in rentals.
E3: Shower Valve

E3: Shower Head Piping
This is the brass threading piece for the shower head. The fit is a little loose on the pipe, but the brass solders well to the copper pipe.
I will cut the drywall better next time. Do my tenants care about the drywall? No. They care it is clean and it works. This is clean and it works 100% of the time.
E4: Schluter Edging


Section F

F1: Kitchen Sink

F3: Kitchen Shelving
No doors required! Beautiful simplicity and high-quality material.

The shelves are attached to the ceiling with galvanized steel floor flanges.
Copper pipe brackets prevent the shelves from wobbling.
F4: Tile Tired
I am making that face in order to keep my eyes open for the photo.
F5: Refrigerator

F6: Stove Top
This stove top is a game-changer. It is inexpensive, compact for counter space, and no oven means more useful space underneath.

Section G

G1: Tile Kit

G1: Multi-Tool Etc.

G2: Hardware Inventory

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