The Landlord’s Operating Manual

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This books is unlike anything else you will come across in the real estate industry. There are thousands of books written on rental properties, but none of them outlines anything further than property acquisition and first principle property management. This book is truly an operator’s manual. The author gives you an in depth view into what running a successful residential real estate operation looks like. He lays out all the plans and even details most of the mistakes he made so you do not have to. This book is ideal for anyone who is interested in owning and operating residential real estate.

The Landlord’s Operating Manual Lives on Here

I clicked the big final “publish” button on 27 January 2020. The press is set. However, The Landlord’s Operating Manual is a living document so as suggestions come in from readers I will post them right here – organized by chapter for easy reference!

A1. Guiding Principles for Selecting a Property
  • Thanks to Mike Robinson of the Robinson Realtor Team (click here and call them for Central Ohio Real Estate!) for the first additive feedback. He agrees that water is critical when selecting a property but would like to have seen more about water inspection before purchasing a property. Look for grading away from the property. Look for a good sump pump and a back-up sump if possible that works in a power outage especially if the sump pump is critical to the basement being dry. Be sure your inspector gives you good details about water drainage and you pay attention to them. Categorize water issues into ones that are permanent (in a flood zone for example) and ones that could possibly be remedied (clogged downspouts for example). Can anybody suggest a link to a good detailed exterior water inspection list?