Bike Versus Truck Result

My bike versus truck challenge is finished. It ran from August 2015 through January 2016. In the final 3 weeks of the challenge, I biked almost zero and drove my truck everywhere doing projects at my apartments and moving my stuff into storage. The final score was a crushing defeat by 250 miles:

Truck: 1924 miles

Bike: 1674 miles

The bike wins in the end, however, because I sold the truck! In addition to getting estimates from local dealerships, I put the truck on Craigslist and a dealership from North Carolina found it and sent an inspector by plane to inspect, buy, and drive the truck back to North Carolina. He had a refundable return plane ticket in case he found something wrong with the truck. I may have had to accept the local price of $2,000 less if my brother had not offered to buy it and sell it for me enabling me to hold out until the last day. It was a great truck, but I’m glad to have the cash!