Ventures Update January 2016

695 Riverview Drive

The new new management company is doing really well. This is our 4th—my brother Thad started, then Renting Ohio, then North Point Asset Management, and now Panzera Realty. Changing managers 3 times sounds like a lot and sounds like we might be the problem and not the manager, but each manager has been better than the previous. We have found that timely and effective maintenance is the #1 most important thing, followed by accurate accounting. They all charge basically the same price.


2015 11 04 New Pic from Front 2
Notice the new pavement in the parking lot. Also, the front lights are now on a dusk to dawn sensor, so they are on all night.

Simple Kneads Gluten-Free Bread

The team in North Carolina is growing and the company is taking shape as it begins to hire employees. Sales began in August and, though there are challenges, demand for the excellent quality gluten-free bread makes meeting those challenges well worth the effort. It is now available to buy on Amazon, and will soon be available directly from the company website.


Nothing significant to report!

The Stock Market

With my available money, I am still “all-cash,” and have been since December 2013. However, I spent about a week last month nerding out on the internet to sort through all the news, economists’ opinions, indicators, and general stock market chatter to find some sources that I can understand and trust to make sense of the market and use to make confident, informed buy and sell decisions. I came up with four sources that, in order, tell first when to pay attention, then once the market is primed for buying, what to buy. Those four items are listed in this post.

Vino de Coco

Nothing significant to report!

Click the picture for the website.
Click the picture for the website.