Expert Downhill Skiing in 5 Days

Rule #1: maximize time on skis, so get in shape. Every time down the hill you learn something!


  • Watch a skiing YouTube video.
  • Go down the hill without hurting yourself.


  • Keep skis together (easier said than done) and put weight on the downhill / outside ski.
  • Should be able to lift inside ski off the snow. Rotate hips, tighten core.


  • Rotate around the inside pole, not the outside! Use it to lift weight and shift.
  • Mogul drills: point out each mogul with pole and negotiate them half-speed.


  • Don’t land on top of moguls to control speed. Moguls are a horizontal obstacle. Center of gravity goes over mogul, skis go around.
  • Weight transfer up and down to shift skis side to side. Center of gravity travels in a straight line.


  • Get off your heels. Press toes of foot on the outside ski. Ski on the ball of outside foot.
  • Inside ski with no weight goes forward of outside ski. Do this by pushing inside knee forward with hip flexor.

Week 2

  • “Walk” down the hill with poles. Keep “3 points of contact.”

Expert Source:

We took a family ski vacation to Stowe, Vermont last week. Stowe was awesome and the vacation was perfect. The snow came just in time.

I hadn’t skied since 1995, so I started from scratch and took notes. It was a blast and I’m hooked. Next time I go I want to pick up where I left off, so here is what I learned:

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