Ventures Update January 2018

695 Riverview Drive

Click here for the building website.

Real Estate Agent

This is the slow season, but I am getting going in 2018!

Park City Holdings and Kineomen

Kineomen has several projects in the works, one of which is my Park City Holdings.

Meet Cbus TV

I am working on my camera presence and editing, but I and Matt DeNoble are ready to go.

Nate TV

How much does it cost to make videos that are available around the world? I now know.

  • $3250 for the equipment including quality sound, tripods, computer, screen, everything.
  • $120 per month for editing software, internet, hosting, everything. That is less than most people pay for cable TV. What a deal. I can’t pass it up!
    • Late 1800s: motion pictures developed.
    • Early 1900s: motion pictures long enough to tell a story.
    • 1920s: music added to motion pictures.
    • 1920s: sound synchronized to make talkies.
    • By 1930: silent films almost extinct.
    • 1950s: televisions at home become commonplace.
    • 1950s: color becomes the norm.
    • Feb 2005: YouTube created, which was purchased by Google in Nov 2006. Users begin creating the content.
    • Currently: commonplace for users to create the content. Finally, we aren’t just being talked at and shown. We can respond.Don’t just watch, catch the wave, join the movement.

Simple Kneads Gluten-Free Bread

Simple Kneads is available in several Whole Foods stores in the North Carolina area and growing fast.

Vino de Coco

I still plan to visit the Philippines. Still.