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Hi! I obtained my real estate license in March of 2017. There is a lot of information to consider in real estate and I love to sort and organize the information and present it for my clients to make an informed decision.

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Nate’s Real Estate Decision-Making Model and Investor Tools

When I list your home, I include the following:

  1. Professional photography.
  2. Professional cleaning.
  3. A “guided photo tour” video like the one below.
  4. “Furniture Brokering” – I organize pictures and descriptions and send to consignment shops or post on Craigslist.
  5. A front door knob if necessary – first impression for your buyers!

Listing Video

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Guided Photo Tour Video

I help agents make guided photo tours of houses. Example here:


I operate a 9-unit apartment building, 695 Riverview Drive, that I purchased in July 2013.

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