The Hot Market

Part 1

You have probably heard that the real estate market is hot. I set up my first showing for buyers at 1648 Gardenstone Drive in Worthington. It went on the market Monday, we set up the showing Tuesday, we received notification Wednesday before the showing that there were 60 showings scheduled for Thursday, so be respectful to the sellers’ home. Sure enough, it was practically a revolving door of buyer groups at the house.

The home is listed for $199,900. It is certainly a difficult market for buyers, but there is a reason for that. Interest rates are still low and the economy is good.

“It is always a good time to buy a house that you want to live in.”

Part 2

We looked at a house today, Tuesday, that went on the market yesterday, Monday. I arrived at the house, checked my e-mail while waiting for my buyers to arrive and I had a new e-mail saying the house had already gone into contract. Disappointing. We weren’t alone either. There was another group arriving also who didn’t know yet that the house was in contract.

Part 3

A house went on the market Thursday before Easter for $225K. I looked at it with buyers Saturday. They liked it so we put in an offer over asking price on Sunday, Easter Day. They had 9 total offers and accepted one at around $237K with the buyer willing to pay cash over appraisal if necessary.

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