Real Estate Office

Next week, renovations will be complete on apartment A3 of 695 Riverview Drive. I will live there from 1 May until I find a great deal on a house. Until then, it will serve as an office from which I plan to find this great deal on a house.

I am seeking people who want to work out of this office doing real estate in the listed fields. The fields do not compete with each other. Rather, each one strengthens the others. This can be part-time or full-time and you will use the skills and experience you already have to succeed.

Payment will be negotiated on a deal-by-deal basis, beneficial to all parties. There are industry standards from which to start negotiations.

I provide the place to work and gather.

1. Choose the Right Market Location

Right now, Columbus is the market that I know. Therefore it is the right market for me.

2. Wholesaling

We need sources of good deals on properties.

A real estate agent cannot ethically or legally broker a deal with a large profit without work like with typical wholesaling. However, I can seek a good deal on a property to live in, which is what I intend to do to start out.

3. Real Estate Agent

I am an agent now with Signature Real Estate. That doesn’t stop others from working in this office.

4. Retailing

This includes renovating and selling great deals. (flipping)

5. Landlording

We can’t legally manage properties for pay without a broker, but you can get support in managing your own.

6. Lease-Option, Rent-to-Own

One of the more creative segments. It has its place. (Linden?)

7. Be the Bank, Invest

All deals need funding, and the guy with the money deserves to be paid. Non-performing loans coming soon.