Thanks, but No Thanks

Dear Federal Government,

This just doesn’t feel right. I am not disabled.

Then why did I submit a claim? I submitted a claim because it is the only way to not be forced to pay for medical coverage that is falsely expensive because of your involvement.

For the record, I did not lie on my claim. I listed all my aches and pains–which thankfully are minor–and let the system decide. I got 10%. I really don’t know all the politics behind this issue, and I’m not a health care professional, but there is no way that I should be receiving free money.

I will be at my first annual check-up at the VA medical center, where the nurses and doctors have been very accommodating and professional, on the 16th because that is what I need, annual check-ups. I will continue to live a healthy lifestyle for myself, and to fulfill my responsibility to not drain the system.

I will continue to save my money when I can. I hope you can do the same. You can start with my two hundred some dollars a month. It would be nice to cash the check and throw it on the big pile that I’ve saved by not buying into the American consumer society that you’ve promoted, but I really don’t need it.

Thanks, but no thanks.

2 thoughts on “Thanks, but No Thanks”

  1. …yea, I second Jamie’s thoughts. If you lack the confidence to spend the “feds’ ” money in a more prudent way than it does itself, then you should have signed the check over to me and I would have created more happiness for the greater good with the money than the government will once it receives the check back.

    If nothing else, you could have spread the love by going into a local Panera in a well to-do neighborhood and bought all the patrons’ lunch…sketchy Paneras in ghettos are too risky and dangerous…plus if someone actually was in need of cash assistance they shouldn’t have been eating at a Panera anyways and providing them an unsolicited lunch gesture would have merely perpetuated their faulty impression of “self-entitlement”.

    So, let me know when the Federal Government clerk who receives your check sends you out a reply-note that says: “We received your VA check back in the mail. Your moral high ground, however, was lost in transit. Plus, no one cares. ” Love, Uncle Sam

  2. Always take free money. Invest it quarterly into a safe tech fund (use a platform like that’ll get 15-20% and after 5 years make a donation to your favorite vet nonprofit (a friend is just starting

    You can get better returns on it / do more good with it than the government can. Once you come to that realization you should feel obligated to take their money lol.

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