Real Estate Agent by Location


Quickly connect you with the best local real estate agent on your terms.


  1. Agents work best close to home.
  2. Performance-based referrals are ideal.
  3. You want a low-pressure agent with the right motivations.


Real Estate Agent by Location is a referral service designed to connect clients with the right real estate agent.

  • Real estate is a location-based business. Agents work best close to home, or where agents want to work. Agents work the best for the clients they want to keep.
  • Good agents don’t need and won’t accept high-priced referrals, so our referral fee to the agent (charged at the closing) is low.
  • Clients are given $50 cash following the transaction for an in-person phone survey. This keeps agents honest, fighting for you, the client, and for future referrals. The survey covers the following:
    • Did you get a good deal?
    • Was the agent knowledgeable about the market?
    • Was the agent available? Did the agent have time for you?
    • Did you work with the agent him/herself primarily or team members? If you worked with the agent’s team members, was this a positive experience, or negative?
    • Did the agent include any extras that improved your experience?
    • Was the agent happy to work for you in the area?
    • Was the agent professional, well-prepared, well-dressed?
    • Did the agent try to increase the commission for any reason beyond what is standard in your area?
    • Did the agent accept a dual-agency situation?

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