You Taxi Advertising

Have you ever tried to make an advertising video? I have. It is difficult. What is even more difficult is to make it look natural and compelling.

Gives you the chance to give your 2-minute taxi sales pitch to the whole world in a natural setting that viewers are well accustomed to seeing (the back of a taxi). The driver records a natural conversation with you asking about your product or service, takes down some of your some basic information, you sign up for a unique link to your video ( for example) and hosts your video for $5 per month. Share it with your friends, or even start an ad campaign that links to your simple video. Scale that taxi sales pitch!

Buying a Condo?

Ask your real estate agent about the “condominium checklist” provided by the Columbus Board of Realtors®. It gives you a list of documents that your seller should provide to review before purchase.

For example, you should get a copy the condo association by-laws so that you know rules like if renting your unit out is allowed, and also be able to see the finances of the condo association to verify that they are in good standing.

Cold Call TV Video Submission

Everybody hates being cold called, channel your inner frustration and market right back at them with video advertisement directed at telemarketers.

The TV channel to which you direct those annoying telemarketers. In the 1 second it takes you to say “” you say everything that’s on your mind and hang up on the telemarketer before he hangs up on you.

The Possibilities are Endless

  • Next time you receive a cold call, hang up and take a video selfie of what that telemarketer interrupted. Get ’em with guilt!
  • The telemarketing companies are the real enemy. Telemarketers hate their jobs. Convince them to quit. Entertain them. Waste their time.
  • Looking for employees? Advertise your job posting here. You know they’re searching.
  • Do you have something to sell? Anything? Put your ad here and counter-market right back at them.
  • Are you a telemarketer? Organize your colleagues to–I don’t know–walk out all at once one day so we never have to be cold called again!

Submit Video Here

Comment on this post with a link to your video and start directing telemarketers to

June 2017, Investors: Where to Focus

This is one man’s opinion, mine, on the current real estate market conditions. You can be successful in any of the categories if you are good. However, each market better supports certain efforts.

1. Choose the Right Market and Location

Always choose the market you know.

2. Wholesaling

Wholesalers are sources of deals right now, which is rare. I believe wholesalers are doing well right now.

3. Real Estate Agent

With record low inventory, every house for sale creates a buyer frenzy. Buyers are 5:1 or 9:1 depending on who you talk to. Real estate agents need sellers (and we know it).

4. Retailing

This is my pick!

Retailers create value and thereby create inventory, which is currently scarce. If you can and are willing to work, contract, or hire contractors, your efforts will be rewarded by desperate buyers!

5. Landlording

Managers are always in high demand. Currently, investors who are enjoying great rental rates and a good economy are looking to off-load their headaches and hire management. Managing is a good choice.

6. Lease-Option / Rent-to-Own

Lease-options are seller-driven, typically when sellers have difficulty finding buyers. These are currently rare because buyers are so abundant.

7. Be the Bank / Invest

As an investor, I do not like to do this, but I have to pick this as currently the least desirable category. At no time in recent history has money and capital been so under-appreciated. Interest rates held at record lows by government policy and foreign investors desperately seeking returns have driven prices sky-high. Apartment buildings are selling at sub-6% capitalization rates in some places and home prices are outpacing appraisers’ willingness to comply. I personally am keeping my money on the sideline except to quickly bring inventory to market and sell it.

Long-term fixed-rate loans with low rates are hard to bet against, but before you lock yourself in, do a quick calculation on the monthly payment of a potential buyer in 5 years who will likely be buying from you with a normal interest rate on his loan. Your rate is low, your payment is low, but the prices reflect that.

The very last thing I would do is pay current market prices with a variable rate loan. Current conditions could not be worse for this type of investment. I personally have a variable rate loan on my apartment building and I am seeking to lock in the rate for 5 years because that is the longest typically available for a commercial loan. Fortunately I paid the 2013 price so I am way up. I am not selling, but I would not pay today’s price.

These are all my opinions. Please comment. All discussion is welcome.

Real Estate Investor Tools

I break real estate into 7 categories. I learned these categories at my first COREE meeting in January 2017 from the COREE founder Vena Jones Cox. I highly recommend COREE and I now always start here with these categories when making personal real estate investment decisions. You should too!

1. Choose the Right Market and Location

You want to invest in real estate? Start by deciding which option fits best into your lifestyle, skill-set, tolerance for risk, and involvement.The current market conditions should support your decision. Also, you should be familiar with the location you choose. See below for your options.


Use the categories below to direct your efforts.

2. Wholesaling

Wholesaling is finding motivated sellers and signing contracts to purchase for under-market prices, then selling the contract for a higher price, still under market value, to cash buyers.

Who does wholesaling: wholesaling often involves a lot of direct mail, and you have to have the stomach to drive people in a tough situation to as low a price as possible.*

*As a real estate agent, I do not wholesale.

3. Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents take a commission to help regular people and investors navigate the real estate market. We hold a license that requires us to uphold a fiduciary responsibility to our clients.


Either get your license, or know how to hire a real estate agent. See my referral program.

4. Retailing

Retailing is buying, adding value by improving, then selling. AKA “flipping.”

Who does retailing: retailing is generally best done by contractors, handymen, or people who are good at hiring contractors. It is very labor and capital intensive, but since you are adding value, can be lower risk.


Nates Rehab Cost Estimator Spreadsheet v2.1

5. Landlording

Landlording is managing investment properties. You have to manage tenants, maintenance, contractors, and account for money. To manage for hire typically requires a real estate license and a broker with specific E&O insurance. Many brokers do not allow managing for hire.

Who does landlording: managing is time, labor, and liability intensive. Very few people want to manage investment properties and deal with the “headaches.” For that reason, it is in high demand, and pays cash with little or no personal capital input.


When hiring a manager, I highly recommend finding a local manager who is part of IREM, the Institute of Real Estate Management.

6. Lease-Option / Rent-to-Own

This niche fills the gap between selling real estate and owning / renting out / managing real estate. Lease-options give a potential buyer with lower credit, usually in a small single family home, the chance to care for a home while leasing that he has the option to buy if he succeeds at obtaining financing. The advantage to the owner / investor / optionor is that the tenant takes on more maintenance responsibility and has personal buy-in.

Who this is for: this is a tool for investors in single family homes who want to transfer some of the maintenance responsibility to tenants and potentially sell some of their investments.

7. Be the Bank / Invest

This is where the money comes from. The guy with the money is taking the risk and deserves to be paid.

Who this is for: this is for people who have money and some experience in the type of investments they choose. Real estate can bring a high return, even very passive return, but when putting up your own money, you have to know your investment and trust the people managing it.


Nates Property Evaluator v3.2

Change only the numbers in yellow boxes! The other boxes contain formulas. Enter the basics about a property in familiar Excel format to quickly evaluate profitability. Evaluate multiple properties quickly, compare, and archive. Free to use and distribute.

I used this evaluator to identify my apartment building as a great investment, and it has been.

Nates Loan Calculator v3.3

Change only the numbers in yellow boxes! The other boxes contain formulas. Use this spreadsheet to calculate loans. Each sheet in the document has the loan equation solved for a different parameter.

I also recommend the In A Day Development 10bii Calculator. It is better than my spreadsheet. You can download it for your phone and it is worth every penny of the few dollars that you pay for it.

The Big Five

I recently heard these five companies referred to as “The Big Five.” You have heard of each of these companies. You have done business with at least one of them (or you are in a coma of course).

If you are a person who considers single entities that are too powerful to be a threat, then these collectors of our information would be a threat. How do they compare in size to the US government?


$220.46 billion = annual revenue


$142.57 billion = annual revenue

Google (Alphabet, Inc.)

$94.76 billion = annual revenue


$87.25 billion = annual revenue


$30.29 billion = annual revenue

US Government

$3,200 billion = annual tax revenue


The total revenue of the five companies combined equals just under 18% of the US government’s tax revenue. Apple’s revenue by itself is 6.9% of the US government’s revenue. They have not passed the government, but they are starting to be in the ballpark.

What They Know, Snapshot

Apple and Microsoft’s operating systems account for most of our computers. Google controls our internet searches, and Android, and YouTube, and many of our e-mails. Amazon knows what we buy. Facebook knows the rest.

What They Don’t Control



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I have been asked how to filter by date of the open house. There doesn’t appear to be a way to do that. Currently you have to click on the listing to see the date. I put in a request to the site operator to include the open house date in the gallery view.


I recently spent about 3 hours contributing my opinion to a political site. I have always been politically opinionated. However, now when I participate in such an activity, in the end I think of the book of Ecclesiastes in The Bible, especially chapter 1, verses 1-11.

Read it.

We can “solve the world’s problems” 1,000 times within our lives, but we might as well enjoy the experience, because our life is short and the next generation will solve the same problems 1,000 times over again.

In other words, if you’re going to “solve the world’s problems,” do so over a beer with people you like. I like the guys on the site and I think we’ll have beers one day, maybe in some cool places, so I didn’t do so badly today.