English Lesson 12: Music Lyrics

Let’s learn the English:

Have you ever?

Have you ever been?

Have you yet?

Yes, I already did.

with music lyrics.

Step 1: Find good music.

Search YouTube for music and add the word “lyrics.”

For example, search, “have you ever lyrics” on YouTube. You find:

Step 2: Find the English text.

Google, DuckDuckGo, or search AZLyrics for the sing lyrics.

For example, you find:


Step 3: What does it mean??

Now, copy-paste the text into Google Translate. Learn the whole meaning of the song in your own language!

Step 4: Repeat!

If you like the music, repeat, practice, and learn… in English only!

Some More English Music to Learn

have you ever been


haven’t met you yet