Day 105 Without a Job, Time for a Bicycle Tour!

I missed writing last week because I was so busy remodeling and stuff. Driving now leads biking 1080 miles to 626 miles, so quite a deficit for the bike to make up. However, I’m about to go on my first bicycle tour and the bike will do some catching up.

I am riding for fun, but also to visit Art Drentlau of the Responsibility Movement and to bring attention to the movement itself. I believe in the movement and the people who are putting their efforts towards it. Please support! The best way to support is to read about it, understand it, decide what it means to you, and spread the word. To learn more, click below:

Or, read the book. This is how I found out about it:

Tomorrow morning, I ride east until I can’t ride anymore, then camp for the night. I’ve spent the past 2 days routing and printing maps in preparation and to do my best to stay on back roads without getting too lost. The general itinerary is to make a counter-clockwise loop around northeast Ohio especially including the towpath that runs 100 miles from Dover to Cleveland. I packed my gear and weighed it today and it weighs 30 pounds including my “hotel room in a bag,” but not including food and water. Follow me on Strava!

Answer to last week’s trivia: Thomas Edison started a power company in 1882 that used DC electricity. George Westinghouse started a competing company in 1886 that used AC electricity. Westinghouse’s AC technology won because the voltage could be stepped up using transformers. This made for cheaper transmission over long distances compared to DC.

For further explanation, click here.