Apartment Building: A Black Hole of Time

This week, I got sucked into doing my own handyman work on my apartments. On the one hand, it has taken up all of my time. On the other hand, I have learned a lot and the building continues to progress. In two years, our rent has increased from just under $500 to over $600. We have 8 / 9 units rented now, most importantly with quality tenants who reliably pay rent, and I am upgrading the empty unit with potential renters awaiting showing at $625 per month.

I drove 187 miles and biked 80 miles this week, putting driving up 820 miles to 529 miles. It was not a good week for the bike!

What is the “ecliptic,” and how does it relate to the signs of the zodiac? Answer. The ecliptic is the plane defined by our orbit around the sun. It also refers to the path the sun appears to take on the celestial background. The signs of the zodiac are based on which constellation the sun is passing through during the period. Ironically, it is during your birth month that you are least able to see your associated constellation in the night sky because it rises and sets with the sun during that time.

In one sentence, why do we use AC electricity instead of DC electricity for our power grid?