Autumn is Here

On Saturday, the heat broke and the air was just cool enough to justify jeans and long sleeves–well, maybe just one or the other. Either way, this weather is the reason fall is my favorite season. The cool air makes the sun feel good and the warm sun makes the cool air feel good. It feels like football season and family gatherings. Glad to be home!

My truck odometer reads 82199, and my Strava bicycle tracking all-time mileage is 1556. That means I rode 86 miles this week compared to driving 102 miles. This is going to be a difficult challenge. Using my truck to do contracting work at Riverview Drive is not helping. Driving adds up so much faster than biking. It’s so easy and convenient!

Trivia question of the week: what is the “ecliptic,” and how does it relate to the signs of the zodiac? Answer next week.