Concentrated Exhaled Breath

This video on YouTube Recommended: How Cabin Air Systems Work Recommended: The Mathematics of Weight Loss Be outside Open the windows Put a fan in a window Ventilation Everything else is show. Solutions and Relevant Industries Will outdoor meeting spaces get a boost? Will we set up meetings in parks with mobile audio … Continue reading Concentrated Exhaled Breath

COVID-19 Restructuring

A “shared air” virus has emerged that has entered into the public collective conscious. Fact. While few large-scale long-term changes have yet been solidified, a restructuring began in March. Just assuming some knee-jerk change remains and becomes permanent, long-term change has already occurred. If attitudes persist, the stage is set for widespread adjustment in individual … Continue reading COVID-19 Restructuring

Anthropogenic Coronaviruses: A Unified Novel Coronavirus Origin Theory

A theory is a question and I invite you to ask the question with me. If there is a clear reason why this cannot be true, or some part can’t be true, let me know and I will adjust. Send me your source please. I have been adjusting since the beginning based on the best … Continue reading Anthropogenic Coronaviruses: A Unified Novel Coronavirus Origin Theory

Disease History, Urbanization, and Coronavirus Origination Theory

This post is the notes for the theory. For the anthropogenic coronaviruses origin theory, click here. A Brief Recent History of Humans Sharing Fluids, Disease Prevention and Urbanization Cities have always been harbingers of disease. Bubonic Plague flowed from relatively urban China to relatively rural Europe. Smallpox flowed from urbanized European settlers to rural American … Continue reading Disease History, Urbanization, and Coronavirus Origination Theory


KU Leuven, Belgium. Master of Engineering: Energy, General Techno-Economic Energy Knowledge option. The Landlord’s Operating Manual released 27 Jan 2020. Buy on Amazon, click here. — Promotion page, click here. Explore with the links on the top and sides. I have been posting since 2014. Rage and Frenzy Report News Behind the story of 2020: … Continue reading Homepage

Interview with NBC 4

Skip it. All I do in the interview is berate the media henchmen for trying to turn my hometown into a movie set while pretending to have a “discussion.” Or watch, you’re choice. I enjoyed it. Here is some real mask discussion: #BeOutside #OpenTheWindows #MagicMaskFalseSecurity Search EBSRS3