Ventures Update January 2017

Columbus, Ohio Occupation

It is time for me to get a job. My credit card monthly balance is now roughly equal to my checking account balance. I need income.

Uber Driver

I have driven for Uber about 5 different occasions now over the last 2 weeks here in Columbus. The bad news is, you can be online for hours at a time sometimes without getting a single trip. The good news is, it is great fun, you talk to a lot of different people, during peak times there are plenty of trips to be had, and you can know exactly when those peak times are, they’re obvious. The peak times I’ve identified are 1. weekend nights when the bars close, 2. after sporting events like after Ohio State football and Blue Jackets hockey games.

I have averaged only about $10/hour so far, but a lot of the online hours that Uber counts include sitting at my house waiting and not getting a call. I made $75 in the 3 hours after midnight on New Year’s Day. Last night, I made $20 in the 1 hour following the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey game by making 4 Uber trips from the Arena District.

I would now not say, “I drive for Uber,” but rather, “I use the Uber app to get paid to drive people home from specific local events.”


I helped my uncle build his shed!


Real Estate Agent

I signed up for the real estate course at Hondros Business College. I am scheduled to finish the course on 18 February.

I also joined the Central Ohio Real Estate Entrepreneurs, COREE, yesterday. It’s a really great group of about 320 members.

Business Consultant

I am seeking to help lawyers implement accounting software and take a directed look at the business side of their practice in order to more effectively self-manage and consciously make business decisions.

695 Riverview Drive

Still running smoothly and fully occupied. We are saving money for a remodel in a few years depending on the market and situation. In October, I replaced the steps.

Mike was the first tenant on the steps. He’s giving them a quick inspection.


Kineomen is a holding company based in North Carolina. The president of Kineomen is also the CFO of Simple Kneads, the bread company . Kineomen holds a stake in Simple Kneads and owns 707 Brookgreen Terrace in Graham, North Carolina.

707 Brookgreen Terrace, Graham, NC

I lived at “The Terrace” for about 6 weeks in October and November doing upgrade work. It was like camping indoors. I really enjoyed it and I am now looking to do the same thing in Columbus, Ohio. Removing the vines from the side was one day out of many projects.

“The Terrace”

Simple Kneads Gluten-Free Bread

Continuing to build the brand and expand sales. Exciting advancements each month.

Vino de Coco

I still plan on going there in person as soon as possible.

The Stock Market

I’m still out of the stock market.