Ventures Update August 2016

695 Riverview Drive

We had to pay a lot in retroactive taxes because the county finally decided that we have to pay property tax based on the “new” value of the building, the amount that we paid when we bought in July 2013, instead of the amount that the previous owner was paying.

Other than that, the quarter went smoothly. Three tenants moved out, but the units leased quickly. We are 8/9 occupied currently with the ninth expected to lease quickly.

The insurance company mandated a routine inspection and we passed, probably largely thanks to all the repairs and maintenance that we’ve done.

Simple-Kneads Gluten-Free Bread

It’s going well.


I will arrive on 14 September in Raleigh, NC to work with them full-time.

The Stock Market

It keeps creeping up. I’m still out.

Vino de Coco

Nothing significant to report. I still plan on going there in December to see in person.