The Weeks are Numbered

Going into the last full month here in Ohio, biking has a commanding 170 mile lead over driving. December is pretty much going to be a victory lap!

Thanksgiving was awesome. I brought the keyboard and gave some lessons to my cousin-in-law. We both know enough to make some pop-music noise now.

Of note also, I finally got the call from a local basketball team so I’m briefly coming out of retirement tonight for two 20 minute running-clock halves.

Answer to last week’s question: the Olentangy River was supposed to be named the Whetstone River because its Delaware Native American name meant “stone for your knife stream,” based on the shale found along its shores. Olentangy means “river of the red face paint,” and was the name that was supposed to go to what is now Big Darby Creek.

This week’s quiz question: near what Ohio city does the Scioto River empty into the Ohio River?