Nate’s Favorite Things 2018

I stopped ordering from Amazon in January of this year. That has presented some challenges, but overall it has been manageable. Wal-Mart has pretty much everything. As Jeff Bezos takes over retail, a newspaper, Washington DC, and even New York now, my favorite things are brick and mortar stores, many of which have online purchasing and in-store pick-up. I find in-store pick-up more convenient than getting a box to my door because the stores are nearby anyway.

1. Goodwill

Goodwill is a combination of unbeatable prices and quality products. Whether donating or buying, you are supporting good jobs and reusing / recycling excess stuff, much if which is brand new.

2. Kohl’s

Recently, I had to buy some clothes that were beyond the Goodwill scope and Kohl’s really came through for me. I ordered online for reasonable prices, they sent me an e-mail when it was ready for in-store pick up, and while I was at the store, I purchased some other items like socks out of convenience.

3. Less Stuff

Waiting to go to the store with a list until buying something often means you don’t buy it at all. Every time you buy something, you paid with your money–and your free space! Don’t forget the space!

4. Purging

I have kept to a one-out-one-in rule for all my possessions for several years now but this year I picked up the purging with continuous trips to Goodwill. As I near a reasonable amount of stuff that nearly fits in a 400sqft apartment, I realize how much had piled up. I used to get a good feeling from saving money. Now I enjoy spending money on consumable items, but even more, I enjoy freeing up space.