Cold Call TV Video Submission

Everybody hates being cold called, channel your inner frustration and market right back at them with video advertisement directed at telemarketers.

The TV channel to which you direct those annoying telemarketers. In the 1 second it takes you to say “” you say everything that’s on your mind and hang up on the telemarketer before he hangs up on you.

The Possibilities are Endless

  • Next time you receive a cold call, hang up and take a video selfie of what that telemarketer interrupted. Get ’em with guilt!
  • The telemarketing companies are the real enemy. Telemarketers hate their jobs. Convince them to quit. Entertain them. Waste their time.
  • Looking for employees? Advertise your job posting here. You know they’re searching.
  • Do you have something to sell? Anything? Put your ad here and counter-market right back at them.
  • Are you a telemarketer? Organize your colleagues to–I don’t know–walk out all at once one day so we never have to be cold called again!

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