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Are you a renter in Linden? This is for you. There is a good chance you are paying more in rent than you would pay monthly for a loan to buy a house.

When you own a house, you save money, and improve your neighborhood, while building equity. Equity is the amount of money your home is worth more than the amount of money remaining on your loan. Equity increases as you pay your loan.

The first step is to talk to a lender and fill out an application. It is worth the try!

These Lenders Want to Hear from You:

American Mortgage Service Company

American Eagle Mortgage in Columbus

  • Ask about a 203K loan, which allows the buyer to borrow money to complete required maintenance.

Both of these lenders’ offices are close to Linden.

Below is a spreadsheet of the typical costs of operating a rental house in Linden. It shows that you are already paying enough … but you need to take credit for what you are paying by buying a house! If you either have minimum credit or can pay a 20% down payment, there is a chance you can own a home by just moving to another block or even by offering to buy the house you already live in.

Approximate With 20% Down Payment

5% Down Payment with Good Credit

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