Our Best Song Lyrics

Have you ever learned the words to a song and found that it totally changes your experience? For example, have you ever known a couple whose first dance was to Every Breath You Take by The Police? It’s a nice song, but it’s about an obsessive stalker. Sting even says that’s what it’s about. Have you ever been to a wedding where they play Get Low by Lil Jon? Those lyrics require no explanation.

What are we listening to??? The following are three more songs with interesting lyrics:

  1. Do They Know It’s Christmas by Band Aid released in 1984. You have heard this on the radio during Christmas. This was the all-time top selling single in the UK until 1997 when It was passed by Candle in the Wind by Elton John. I heard it on the radio just days ago.
  2. Just Dance by Lady Gaga, 2008. Lady Gaga’s first single, it topped the charts in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK.
  3. Talking Body by Swedish artist Tove Lo, 2015. This peaked at #12 on the Billboard Top 100.

They are all 3 super-catchy. Total toe-tappers. I like all 3.

However! Read the lyrics out loud to somebody. How does it make you feel?

Just listen to this wholesome 2016 jam from Australian artist Sia to cheer yourself back up.