America’s Eclipse!

Monday, 21 August 2017 at 1425 Eastern Daylight Time, Centered Near Cerulean, Kentucky

Eclipseville, Hopkinsville, KY, home of longest totality and Eclipse Con

You have to see the total eclipse! This guy says it best:

Click here for a NASA animation of the eclipse. You’ll see why it is America’s eclipse. It could not be better lined up for us.

Click here for a map with Zulu time. Subtract 4 hours for eastern daylight time. Subtract 5 hours for central daylight time.

How fast is the shadow moving? It depends. Answer

NASA Countdown


The Eclipses You (Might) Remember

10 May 1994. I was finishing 4th grade. I remember going outside with the glasses. The view was pretty good for Ohio. However, this was an annular eclipse only. NOT AS COOL.

30 May 1984: This was an annular eclipse that crossed the southeast US. Maybe some people remember? NOT AS COOL.

7 Mar 1970: This total eclipse moved up the east coast of the US. Partial may have been visible from Ohio. NOT AS COOL.

20 Jul 1963: This total eclipse crossed Canada. NOT AS COOL.

30 Jun 1954: This total eclipse started in the US, then went up over the north pole and ended in Asia. NOT AS COOL.

9 Jul 1945: This total eclipse started near Montana and ended in eastern China. Many Americans had a legitimate pass to not travel to Greenland to see this one. The world was kinda busy during July 1945.

7 Apr 1940: Annular eclipse that crossed Mexico, Texas, and Florida. The Nazis were in power, and Pearl Harbor was attacked 20 months later. Anyone drive south see this one? Comment below.

28 Apr 1930: This total eclipse crossed the US northwest less than a year into the Great Depression.

24 Jan 1925: This total eclipse started in Canada and crossed the northeast US.

8 Jun 1918: This total eclipse ended by crossing the US from Washington to Florida. World War I ended 5 months later. Hopefully you weren’t one of the 50 – 100 million people worldwide dying of the flu pandemic that was raging at the time. There are roughly 28 living Americans who were at least 11 years old that day.

22 Oct 2137 BC: 120 years more ancient to Jesus than Jesus is to us. Apparently visible in China, but an unfortunate surprise to the astronomers of the day.


It looks like we actually have some good ones coming up.

8 Apr 2024: Ohio’s eclipse.

12 Aug 2045: over 6 minutes of totality on this one.