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Do you like this site? Do you want your own website? It’s easy–or it can be if somebody shows you how.

I will show you how to create a simple WordPress website. Post your business information, post your own ideas, have a customized e-mail address associated with your website. It costs less than $15 per year to maintain.

Professional web design companies will charge you hundreds of dollars to design a site for you. For $100, I will sit down with you and take 5 hours (a short day of work) to walk you through the process, and get you started as an independent operator of your own simple site.

Notice I didn’t use any fancy jargon here. Creating a website can be complicated and time consuming. The first step, however, is simple and very worth it. Take that first step!

Contact me, nate@nathanruffing.com, with any questions, and we can set up a time to get you started!

3 thoughts on “Web Design”

  1. I am so happy and excited for my website that Nate created for me! I have had so many ideas percolating for some time that I wanted to share with the world and this was the perfect way to do it. Nate did a great job conceptualizing what I wanted and turning my thoughts into a reality. If you have anything worth sharing as well, I highly recommend his expertise.
    P.S. worth every penny of that $100

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