The Tiananmen Square

Bike leads truck by 158 miles, 1626 – 1468. I’m hanging on to that lead.

I was trying to catch a bus on High Street on Friday from behind. Sometimes you can catch them if they are in traffic or while they stop, but generally they go faster than a bike. I have pedaled myself to exhaustion before only to see the bus continuously pull away and stop just ahead of me like a carrot on a stick. This time, however, I was more bold. I call this move the “Tiananmen Square.” The bus stopped long enough for me to catch up, but was closing its doors as I overtook it. Rather than hope the driver would see me pull up to the stop and be nice, I passed the bus on the left and stopped in front so the driver couldn’t ignore me. He stopped. I loaded my bike quickly and had my fare ready to go. Total delay for the bus, 30 seconds. Saved me a lot of work!

I am renovating the steps at our apartments. This bird was hiding from the wind and let me get really close. I don’t think he was OK.

This week’s quiz question: what kind of bird is that?