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Buying a home requires planning and preparation. The better prepared we are, the better deal we get from the bank, and the better deal we can get on a house.

I searched around for the best financial planning advice out there and all roads eventually led me to one man. Dave Ramsey. Vineyard Columbus Church has a program, they use Dave Ramsey’s course. I called my family to see if they know of any financial planning options, Dave Ramsey again. I was listening to a success story about some 20-somethings who grew a multi-million dollar real estate business. They follow the principals of Dave Ramsey.

Dave Ramsey

Introduction to Dave Ramsey

How to Budget

Budgeting Tools

Vineyard Columbus Financial Ministry

Vineyard Columbus church has excellent no pressure small groups to give you support in your path to financial freedom:

My 2 Cents: The Big Choices, and That’s It

In the end success comes from our own discipline, restraint, and choices. We know what to do. Doing it is the hard part. The small daily choices are the really difficult ones because we have to stay strong every day, day in and day out. Fortunately, there are three main decisions that really matter: easy credit, our car, and our house.

Cut up all but one credit card. Pay it off every month. If you can’t handle that, cut that card up and go all cash. Difficult, but simple.

Save for a car and only buy what you can actually pay cash for. Difficult, but simple.

Buy a house instead of rent, and buy one that you can afford. Take care of your house and your house will take care of you.

After these big choices, relax on the little ones. Go out to eat. Enjoy cable TV. Tip a little extra for those hard-working service job employees who are in the same struggle you are..

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