Foreign Film Night!

FFN is an effort to get some culture from around the world – and have an excuse to hang out on Wednesday night. Subtitled, never dubbed.

Upcoming Film Ideas

The Black Book – Dutch

The Wind Rises – Japanese, heart-wrenching WW1

More Studio Ghibli

More French, they have been good.

Das Boot – German

More Zhang Yimou – Chinese director who has been banned multiple times in China.

Wolf Warrior Two – recent Chinese propaganda movie.

Past Films with Rating (out of 4 Stars)

Parasite – 3.5 stars for South Korea. Everybody liked it. Funny and dark.

Dostana – 2.5 stars for Bollywood. Funny and entertaining.

Der Untergang – 3 star for the Germans. Film about the final months of Hitler. Includes famously-memed scene of Hitler ranting to his generals.

Coco avant Chanel – 3.5 stars for the French. Another great French film. The life of Gabrielle Chanel.

The Resistance Banker – 3.5 stars for the Dutch. WW2 Amsterdam Resistance finance.

Mongol – 4 stars for the Russians / Kazaks. About the rise of Ghengis Khan

Amélie – 4 stars for the French. Chick flick, but good.

Spirited Away – 3 wild stars for the Japanese, Studio Ghibli

Bullhead – 1 star for the Belgians. Traumatic scene not outweighed by the movie quality.

Edge of Democracy – documentary about Brazilian politics. Re-watch in person to keep track of characters. Where did the footage come from??

Man of the Year – 2 stars for the Brazilians. Nate’s favorite to learn Portuguese.

The Bird Cage – 3.5 stars for the French.

Force Majeure – 3 stars for the Swedish. Interesting. Deep? Funny?

The Farewell – 3 stars. Pretend Grandma isn’t dying. Chinese culture.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon – 3.5 stars, Chinese.

La Sombra y La Tierra – 2.5 stars for the Colombians.

Dangal – 3.5 stars for the Indians for female wrestling!

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night –

Ratatouille – not really foreign but takes place in Paris. Watched for kids present.

Princess Mononoke

Hero – 3.5 stars for Zhang Yimou.

Raise the Red Lanterns – 3.5 stars, Delaware Hayes classic for Zhang Yimou.

To Live – Nate’s favorite Zhang Yimou. 4 stars. What a period in history for the Chinese.

The Fall of the American Empire –