English Lesson 1 Answer

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Easy Answer

“The United States of America”

“The” is an article. In this case it means that there is only one country called “United States of America.”

“United” is an adjective describing “States” meaning that the states are together.

“States” is a noun. A state could be a thing, or a place, or an idea. It is only capitalized when used as part of the name of a specific place.

“Of” is a proposition. The prepositional phrase “of America” means the states are in America.

“America” is a noun. It is a place. It is always capitalized because it is the name of a specific place. “America” includes both continents, North and South America, but people from the USA are “Americans.” America!

Medium Answer

“I’ve been to Hollywood”
“I’ve been to Redwood”
are both present perfect. See this lesson.
Step #1: identify the verb.
“I’ve” = “I have,” therefore
In “I have been to…”
“have been” is the verb.
Step #2: match it to present perfect in your workbook, write the sentence, and underline “have been.”
Step 3: continue to enjoy the music!

“I crossed the ocean for a heart of gold.”
Step #1: identify the verb.
“Crossed” is the verb. The sentence is in the simple past verb tense.
Step #2: write the sentence and underline the verb.
Step #3: continue to learn by example!


Translate the song with Google Translate. Do it! Then listen to the song a few times until you can feel the meaning. Learn 30 words all at one time! Don’t worry too much about the exact meaning.  Music uses poetic license!

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