Days 7 and 8, Downtown Cleveland

Spent Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday and Monday in downtown Cleveland.

Sunday, spent an hour at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, then spent most of the rest of the time watching sports at the Corner Alley downtown. What better to do in downtown Cleveland than watch sports all day? Browns and Bengals both won in overtime!

Monday, tried to go to the Science Center, but it was closed Mondays for the season. Tried the library just to check it out, but it was closed for Columbus Day. Gave up and watched sports at the Corner Alley again. Cubs beat the Cardinals, Mets beat the Dodgers, Ronda Rousey won another fight, Chargers lost to the Steelers. Mostly a good day in sports. Left that night on the Amtrak for Sandusky.

The Science Center was closed, but I took this pic by Cleveland Browns stadium, AKA “First Energy Stadium.”

NE Ohio by Bike October 2015