Day One

For all the tens of people eagerly awaiting the debut of this site, I didn’t want to disappoint on day one of my travels. Day one was everything I hoped it would be, with 6 miles on the single-speed all the way to the library and back!

San Diego Public Library, Mira Mesa Branch

Starting easy… crawl, walk, run!

That bag on the back is money, by the way. More about that in my next ultimate bike post.

One thought on “Day One”

  1. Wow. Nate great website. Didn’t understand exactly what you had out there. Will follow this site on a daily basis. Fun read. Only one suggestion. Pictures of girls in bikinis Older girls. Don’t want to end up like Jared. Only one request. Refrain from mentioning Thaddeus on this site please. Your other site has him mentioned two. Too many times. Love Greg.

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