Coding Projects

  1. Astronomical Clock
  2. AstroWideImageMapper
  3. Tag audio files / sheet music images to relate the audio to the location on the sheet music. Kinda like a Karaoke lyrics read-out but advanced and customizable for musicians / music students.
    • As a lifelong music learner, I view sheet music while playing as a crutch that probably hurts musicianship in the long-run. However, sheet music while listening I view as a major enhancement that could especially help kids learn music the same way they learn language, by mass exposure. Following sheet music while listening brings meaning to hours of listening and helps a person’s brain assign value to understanding the notes they hear while they listen. It can help a person “develop their ear.”
  4. “Chess Arena” using camera with software board recognition and Stockfish chess engine to analyze the games for an audience on a screen facing away from the players. Enhance in-person chess.
  5. Scrabble remote using camera with software board recognition.
  6. Fully-connected house with
    • Automated windows up and down.
    • Fully-automated lights.
    • Security system that stores footage on the LAN with fully open-source video storage code. No subscription with high-def storage not reliant on SLOW internet upload limits. (This does not exist because companies make money on security subscriptions).
    • Temperature monitors throughout the house.
  7. OstranderNet. A second internet. There shouldn’t be just one.
    • Limited bandwidth. Start by transmitting chess games.
    • Completely wireless using amateur radio bands.
    • ‘All equipment runs from 12V. Car batteries. Apocalypse-ready.
  8. Done. Wordle Scratchpad. Front-end practice. Model / View / Controller architecture. Python with tkinter is one-install set-up to start coding with powerful language.
  9. Ongoing. Model number decoder et cetera (work project)
  10. Done. Buyouts and drawings search tools (work project)
  11. Secure text app like Signal with:
    • Annual / monthly / daily customizable word limits on group chats (with suggestions and holiday-specific text allowances).
    • Maybe a regular text message app that works with SMS / MMS that auto-replies to groups that go over a certain limit. Spam the spammers.